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  • How long do applicants have to apply to the IRM?

    Applicants for an Adoption Review have 40 working days to make an application. Applicants for a Fostering Review have 28 calendar days. In both cases the period starts from the date of the Qualifying Determination letter.

  • Who should attend the IRM Review to represent the Agency?

    The Agency can send 2 representatives to the IRM Review. Normally the best people to attend will be the Supervising Social Worker and their line manager. We particularly advise agencies not to send the Agency Decision Maker as they will be required to consider the IRM Panel recommendation and reach the Final Decision and should for that reason remain apart from the IRM process.

  • What if the ADM does not agree with the IRM recommendation?

    The Agency decision maker (ADM) can decide not to agree with an IRM recommendation. However the ADM must carefully consider the recommendation and in the final decision letter and give clear reasons why they disagree with the recommendation.

  • Can I seek advice from the IRM before issuing a Qualifying Determination (QD)?

    The IRM does provide an advice service and the Contract Manager or one of his team will be happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have. Please contact the IRM office to access this service.

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